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What to wear:

Please wear comfortable loose clothing.

Pilates Classes

Pilates Classes

Our classes are tailored to consider all levels of fitness and ability with a maximum of six people per class. 1:1 (one-on-one) sessions can be arranged to create a workout specific to your needs.

Beginners’ Mat Work Class

This class is designed for novices with little or no previous experience of Pilates. We encourage all first times to attend our beginners’ class to learn the basics with expert guidance. A beginner class generally consists of very gentle exercises done on a mat (with or without small equipment) in either a sitting or lying down position. The primary focus is on awareness of the spine, proper breathing, core strength and flexibility.

Intermediate/Advanced Classes

Pilates mat work
Dynamic Pilates Level 1

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Our classes are tailored to consider all levels of fitness and ability with a maximum of six people per class. Our classes are dynamic and require a reasonable amount of body awareness, strength and flexibility. Classes are designed for individuals with previous experience in Pilates and the exercises will be varied to challenge all ability levels and give you a total body workout.

Pilates Stretch Class

This class is suitable for those who want to focus on the ‘stretching’ side of Pilates. Incorporating functional stretches and release techniques, this class will help you to increase flexibility and beat tension patterns throughout the body. The class is designed to lengthen tight muscles in a safe and effective way, improving posture, alignment and mental well-being after a busy day at work.

Suitable for all levels – this is an ideal supplement to your regular Pilates class, ensuring that your body is supple and flexible, allowing you to benefit the most from the Pilates method.

Posture Pilates

Beginner Level - This class is aimed and suitable for all people with a sedentary job (desk bound). Its key focus is to achieve the most optimal joint alignment, specifically of the neck to shoulder and lower back to hips. This will be achived with the use of mirror observation, tactile feadback and imaginative visualizations.

The intention of the class is not just to improve participants Pilates practice, but for them to carry these observations and visualizations about their posture into their daily lives.

Classically Aimed Pilates

Intermediate/Advanced Level Class - This class is aimed at people with a good understanding of the basic principles of Pilates, who no longer feel challenged in beginner classes, and wish to take their practice up to the next level. The classes aim is to look at Joseph Pilates Classical Mat Series of 34 exercises which are very structured and set, take a more modern day therapeutic version of the exercise, and slowly layer and build, with the intention of possibly developing towards the original Joseph Pilates version.

This slow layering will allow participant to remain at the level they feel most comfortably challenged, with no obligation or pressure to progress any further than they may wish to.

1:1 Session

This is a training session with your own instructor - a workout is designed specific to your desire and needs. You can specify your training method.

Reformer 1:1 Sessions

A Reformer training session will incorporate both Pilates and personal training principals, but with the added experience of using the latest Pilates fitness machinery on the market, the Allegro 2. The Allegro 2 reformer uses an 8-wheel suspension system for a smooth glide and will allow you to train several muscle groups at once in smooth, continuous movements, utilising a variety of positions. With instruction and proper technique, you can re-train your body to move in safer, more efficient patterns of motion - invaluable for injury recovery, sports performance and good posture.

Pilates & Personal Training 1:1 Sessions

These Pilates & Personal Training sessions are unique as our instructors have a background in both these disciplines. Your session can be tailored to your needs to incorporate both Pilates and personal training, or either in isolation.

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